What Is The Best Type Of Food?

Food is very relative because everyone has different taste buds and as result everyone has their own unique palate. However, that doesn’t stop people from having the age old argument: what is the best type of food? Some say Indian but others say Chinese however the answer will never actually be codified as no one will be able to come to a conclusion. Although, this doesn’t stop from the question being posed just for fun, to get people arguing and to get a bit of a debate brewing for the hell of it. in fact, that’s what the question is all about. If you’re in a bit of pickle now because you can’t decide, or your other half’s chirped in and disagrees with you completely, here are a few of the finest cuisines around and a couple of the arguments for why.
Nothing is as exotic as Indian food. The taste is completely foreign to our palates and it’s this reason why it is so desirable – there is nothing better than food which tastes beautiful but which is totally alien. It isn’t just about the taste, either, because the colours and the smells are somewhat unique also. With all the chillies, peppers and spices there is a strong, pungent smell as well as a kaleidoscope of colour to go with it. If you are a little bit delicate when it comes to heat and spices you don’t even have to have a hot curry because a lot of them are made for the flavours not the heat. As a result Indian food is not only tasty and exotic, it is also very various and flexible so there is always a mountain of choice for you to choose from.
A lot of people won’t agree with the above, probably because they think someone who loves Indian food has never been to a DIFC Italian restaurant before. Food from Italy is one of the most popular and consumed food in the world, transcending its roots in the hills of Europe and making it as far West as America. There is something about the use of garlic and onions in a pasta Bolognese or the crust of an oven baked pizza from a street vendor in Rome which tastes like no other, and you better believe that many people have tried. Italian isn’t only tasty but also quite simple and basic to make which means that you don’t have to go to an expensive Italian restaurant for a calzone or a carbonara because you can make a decent one at home. Okay, it won’t be the same as the actual thing but it is a good makeweight if you are a fanatic.