Learn The Importance Of Becoming A Certified Professional

Whether you are aspiring to perfect your education, or you are trying to support your career in the management sector, there is a particular certificate that happens to be the most important industry related credential you could have as a project manager. It is globally recognized and highly demanded, and it serves as proof that you stand behind your knowledge and experience. However, there are quite a few mixed opinions about whether or not you should aspire towards gaining the certificate. Some will say that it is a preferred move for your career, while others will argue that real experience matters more.
There are strict requirements for the course
To be a certified project manager professional, you would first need to complete the PMP course in Dubai. Unfortunately, not everyone fulfills the requirements to take this type of course. In order to be eligible to take it, you need a secondary degree combined with at least five years of project management experience. The specifications are quite strict, stating that you will need 7,500 hours spent leading and directing projects and 35 hours of relevant education. Certain establishments, that will offer you the opportunity to take the course and gain a certificate, may have additional requirements that you need to get informed about. Usually, each individual establishment will have a handbook or another source of information where you will be able to see any additional requirements.
It makes a huge difference in your career options
You should know that taking the PMP course will reward you with a very valuable certificate that will serve as a perfect credential to add to your resume. Even if you already have acquired the necessary experience to make you stand out in the pool of candidates, when looking for a job, the certificate itself might be able to weigh the odds to your favor. Employers always value certified professionals, so the certificate you have gained will help you stay in the narrow competition for the work position. This goes especially for financial services and pharmaceutical industries, which happen to value proper certification highly. In fact, these industries regard it as fundamental for any form of cooperation.
It makes a huge difference in your paycheck, too
There are plenty of other pros you can look forward to if you take the course. For example, upon gaining your certificate, your salary is going to be heightened, thanks to the fact that you have been certified. Just to illustrate the difference, take a look at the 2011 survey, that has been conducted among 30,000 project management professionals of the United States. The ones that had a PMP certificate reported their average annual earnings to be 111,824$, while the ones without it were down to 97,829$. As you can see, the difference is huge, and only having a certificate decided it.