A Dead Party And A Boundary

The band played in the background as Julia Jehovah, 25, sipped on her passion fruit and Sprite mix. She’d agreed to go to her cousin’s company function and was duly, incredibly bored.
Drake Jehovah, 22, had been dancing the whole evening. Julia did not know anyone here other that Drake and she’d preferred to watch others instead of interacting with them. She also did not like dancing and had refused many requests to dance too. She’d thought that the company had used office furniture for the event and it did not impress her.
The chairs had been covered with white chair covers but made the used squeak when she’d sat down on it, signaling that these chairs were truly meant for another purpose, not a function. What she didn’t know was that the hospitality staff had used some of their extra office furniture to make up for the huge number of guests that would be at the function.
She was happy when the dessert had finally been served. It meant that the evening was almost at its end. They’d served Tiramisu and she enjoyed the soft alcohol-soaked Budoir biscuits the most.
Drake popped by, sweat running across his forehead, to check if she’d been okay. She said that she was okay, but that she would be leaving in the next ten minutes. She said goodbye, finished her dessert and stood up to leave.
One of the men stopped her at the door. “May I get your number?” She’d refused to give it to him, walked away, jumped into her car and drove home.
It feels good to be home, she thought, when she kicked off her heels and opened the fridge to see what there was in there to eat.
She took out a couple slices of ham and cheese, sliced some tomatoes and made herself a sandwich. Why does function food never satisfy me? she thought. She then feasted on some home-made ice-cream and went to bed.
In the morning, she had been woken up by her phone ringing. She switched it off thinking it was her alarm clock. It rang again, and – realizing it was a call, she picked it up.
“Hi,” said a male voice on the other end. “I asked Drake for your number and he gave it to me. I hope you don’t mind, but would you be interested in going out to dinner tonight?”
“I don’t think so.” She put down the phone and called her cousin. “Drake, who gave you permission to give out my number?”
“I don’t remember. I was drunk.”
“That’s no excuse,” she said and put down the phone.