Monthly Archive: May 2018

Where To Look For Special Presents

The lazy will get an easy gift at a generic shop. The ones who try will go a step further, maybe give a gift card. It is left to the truly committed gift-giver to be revolutionary. If you are looking for that one special gift that you know will make their day, week, month etc. then where do you look? Here are a few suggestions that will help you start. 

Go With the Interests 

These days there are novelty shops for everything and everyone. First step is to determine the interests and passions of whoever you’re shopping for. Corporate zombie who only thinks about work? Simple! Find a store that sells brand charger merchandise because everything they stock is good for a corporate worker with a busy life, like power banks and high functioning USBs. If you are shopping for a teenager and they love Sci-Fi, try buying merch for their favourite movie or comic. Or pay for a magazine subscription for 6 months. Find the stores that cater to specific, niche interests and you will have your gift. 

Something for Everyone (internet) 

The other favourite place to shop is online. The internet has all kinds of things available and is often cheaper than in physical stores too. Plus, you have the added advantage of having it delivered to your door even from out of state if it is not available close by. Think about a bobby biz bag that you know will be perfect for your friend who is interning at a big company and takes public transport to work. They will need something to safeguard against pick pockets while carrying all their stuff at the same time, so you can easily order one online. 


Sometimes, the most precious treasures are not even brand new; they are hand-me-downs, passed on for years from generation to generation. Think about vintage clothing, accessories and music. Most of these items are no longer available wholesale; when they are, they are extremely expensive. If you have the time to rummage through some old trunks and storage rooms, you will definitely be able to find things that can be re-gifted to people who will appreciate them. Often, things like first print editions of common books can be found at old houses’ clearance sales. They may not have much monetary value, but it will be a fantastic present for someone who loves to read and appreciates old things. 

So if you are looking for special presents, there are 3 main places where you can look for them: try the novelty stores that cater to niche markets, try online stores since they have everything, and don’t be shy about going through someone else’s trash because you might find the next big treasure in it.